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Terrarium construction in the best glass quality, with terrarium configurator


Terrarium construction at the highest level, as a result of years of experience, handcrafted and with the best glass quality


Terrarium rectangle

Terrarium, terrariums for all exotic animals

We manufacture the terrariums to measure according to your specifications, if necessary with professional on-site assembly

When it comes to pricing, the quality of the glass is always important, as it largely determines the price and durability.

Glass quality terrarium
Terrarium panorama
Terrariums adapted to ideal conditions
The terrarium as the optimal living space for your exotic animals ideally meets their requirements in terms of size and equipment,
Terrariums made of glass are visually and species-appropriately appealing.
In our configurator we give you some price examples to give you a feel for our pricing philosophy.
We are able to manufacture almost any terrarium. With a sketch made by you, we will make your terrarium dream come true.
Terrarium for spiders
Terrarium for spiders

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